10 Wowest Sleeping Experiences:What do you think about sleeping at the bottom of the ocean?

1. One of the Wowest places where you can sleep is definitely under the ocean.

 Imagine spending a night in a luxury hotel, while looking out your window and enjoying the view while colorful fish swim by. It’s not a Sci-Fi fantasy or a Jules Verne novel. It’s a Underwater Hotel That’s Being Planned In Fiji, that you’ll be able to visit in just a few short years. Located 40 feet under the sea in a lagoon off the coast of Fiji, the Poseidon Undersea Resort will be the worlds first seafloor resort. The resort will have 25 suites, a spa, restaurant, bar, gym, dive shop, and even a conference room that doubles as a wedding chapel. Each suite will be a module with plexiglass windows that can be detached for maintenance and safety. Check out this more about this amazing hotel on www.poseidonresorts.com

2. Riverside Capsule Hotel in Asakusa district

If you’re planning a far eastern adventure, then be sure to include a visit to one of Tokyo’s many capsule hotels. A uniquely Japanese experience, capsule hotels are inspired by the pursuit of efficiency of space and functional comfort.

3. Ice hotels

4. Glass Igloo sleeping experience

5. Sleeping on the beach

6. The cave sleeping experience

7. Glass house in the woods sleeping experience

8.  Sahara tent sleeping experience

9. Maldives Water Villas with transparent floor

10. Sleeping on the tree


Asakusa_Riverside_Capsule hotel

Ice hotel

Igloo glass

Beach Hotel


Glass room

Sahara tent

Maldives water villas

Sleeping on the trees










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