Future is now!

WoW, check out this new video that takes us to freefalling with futuristic Google glasses.

“WoW, the future is now!”

That was my first reaction when I have heard for the first time, about new Google project – Project Glass , few months ago.

Can you imagine how it looks like to have some tiny mama talking to you in the corner of your eye?

Or how it feels like to find out in a second some useful information like where to eat, shortest way to go somewhere, how to find the information you need, to check schedule, meteorological data, send messages to a friend?

Can you imagine wearing hardware glasses, where information’s will be displayed in front of our eyes, trough camera and make it possible to shoot a scene from the outside world, same time using microphone integrated into the glasses that allows the performance of calls?

Well, it looks like we do not have to imagine any more.

Maybe, 2013 will be the year when we could buy our first pair of Google glasses and check out what they can do.

Next? I suppose that, it is totally OK from us to expect upgrade version few years later- some contact lenses, maybe?



Video/Source: http://bit.ly/NNUuLf