Wow experience we all forget about

I recently chatted with my friend from Germany, trough out one of social networks. There are people with whom we have a great connection, which can almost be called cosmic…

At one point, while we were chatting about new insights from our lives, I got the message: what’s your address? At first, I was confused.

My friend: ”Can you please give me a postal address, so I can send you a cosmic letter to?”

Me: “You mean like real address?”

My friend: „Yes. It sounds almost funny, right? Actually, I wanted to find it out myself and surprise you…”

Me: ”I am like, I have to check, that is why I asked you, because we are becoming digital internet robots. Yeah, you will surprise me. But, we have to find the typewriter machine, imagine that…”

Few days later,  I was checking my mailbox more often, and I received the postcard.

Wow, what a feeling!

Modern times have brought us new habits and things that was once so normal, such as, sending someone a letter, today simply are becoming something unusual.

In today’s world, where information is exchanged in a few seconds, returning to the old ways of communication, brings a special feeling and experience. What gives the value to the letter is the fact that the sender used and dedicated to you one of the most valuable resources – TIME to find out your address, to choose a postcard, to write it by hand, to go to the post office and send it.

Therefore, stay Wow and write a letter to your favorite person.

It is a real Wow experience, we all forget about!

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