Craziest designed Introspection places

There are many places where we spend our precious life time. Some we choose, some we do not. Each place takes some time. We are living fast life. Every second is important.

Can you imagine the place where you spend 60 hours a year or almost three days?

There are no limits of imagination, even when it comes to these Introspection places where we spend 3 650 minutes a year(if we take only 10 minutes as daily average). That’s why some people go to toilet with new book, magazine, song, video game, new language program, business project or even with all kinds of bills picked up from the mailbox as we entered the house.

Every person knows a person who always comes from the toilet full of new information’s

How many times you have heard someone coming out from the toilet with the sentence: „I just had an idea“? We can not ignore that the toilet is definitely kind of Introspection place from which some people sometimes come with the craziest ideas. Some people came up with the idea to design this place on the craziest locations, with the craziest view.

Check out the photos of the craziest introspection places:

1. Toilet sea view in water villas at the exotic islands of Indian ocean: While in toilet you can watch sea world


2. The Mumin Papa Café in Akashi, Japan. Live three-wall aquarium with Giant sea turtle swimming around. The underwater restroom costs $270,000

3. Richard Branson Necker island. Toilet with no walls and with view.

4. Toilet on the top of the mountain

5. Vertigo wallpaper: Theme among buildings

6.800 pound jewel-encrusted 24-carat gold toilet

7. Toilet with ski jumper’s view

8. Artist Monica Bonvicini created one-way glass  cube  usable loo.Name of the work:”Don’t Miss A Sec”. The toilet was exhibited at the Messeplatz in Basel, Switzerland

9. Penthouse bathroom, built on the 15th floor of elevator shaft

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