WoW chaser Storyteller

“WoW chaser” is a collection of stories, that had left that “WoW” impression on me, which I have been collecting for years – and still am. Since I wanted to share my “WoW” impressions, with the WoW chasers all around the world, I decided to write stories in my not-so-perfect English, although it is not my native language.

Although in today’s world of information, it only takes a few minutes for a news to circle the globe and to become “out of date”, this blog is not designed to chase the most recent news only. “WoW chasers” is created to chase stories, that can left “WoW” impression, without expiration date defined and can inspire you – no matter in which time period they had happened or are happening.

There are three categories on WoW chasers, each of them were made to chase valuable insights from different spheres: Life, Dreams, Golden Age – soul feeding our daily life with the dreams that we imagine (Dream WoW Chasers), exploring what kind of lives would we be able to live (Life Wow Chasers) and what was it like living in the time of Golden Age?