“Why are so many things broken? “







Why are so many things broken?


[box] Almost every time I hear new insight from Seth Godin, I think, his insights are so WoW changing. Sometimes, I see him as real WoW chaser who really see that crucial changing moment of the things as we knew them or perceive them in the old way of thinking.[/box]


Check out Seth Godin tour of things poorly designed the 7 reasons why they are that way…

Godin takes us through his list of categories of why things are broken:

    • It’s not my job
    • Selfish jerks
    • The world changed
    • I didn’t know
    • I’m not a fish
    • Contradictions
    • Broken on purpose


The source for video: http://bit.ly/cWjxqp

The source for photo: http://bit.ly/N5o158