Who are you?

When somebody ask you: “Who are you?” and you say: “I am an engineer”, your statement is existentially wrong


How can you be an engineer? That is what you do, that is not what and who you are. You are doing  the work of an engineer or doctor or governor, but that does not mean that you are that. You can drop the work of an engineer and you can become a painter, and you can drop the work of a painter and you can become designer…

You are infinite and there are infinite possibilities

These are functions, these are things that you do, they are only part of your being, but they are not your being.Ego means getting identified with the function.Person has to do a thousand and one things, but has to remains free of all functions.Person has to remain beyond, to be all of these and explore more about being and new opportunities.The moment you get out of the office – that function is finished.Why carry it? You may think about new ideas regarding business, new insights to improve your business, but think about them from new perspective that is not defined with your function. Always have the big picture. Think of a puzzle: isn’t it easier if you have the picture as well as all the pieces?

We need an understanding of the whole to understand the details. In other words, a basic understanding, the big picture, provides the framework we need to help you make sense of new insights. If we have the big picture, we’ll be able to link the new material, the details we have, to our existing knowledge and make extraordinary results in any field.


Don’t walk on the road as if you are a governor – you are not

Keichu, the great Zen teacher of the Meiji era, was the head of Tofuku, a cathedral in Kyoto.

One day, the governor of Kyoto called upon him for the first time.

His attendant presented the card of the governor, which read: Kitagaki, governor of Kyoto

“I have no business with such a fellow”, said the Zen master to his attendant. “Tell him to get out of here”

The attendant carried the card back with apologies.

“That was my error”, said the governor, and with his pencil he scratched out the words “Governor of Kyoto” and said: “Ask your teacher again”

“Oh, is that Kitagaki?” exclaimed the Zen teacher when he saw the card. “I want to see that fellow.”


What exactly happens when we are too much in the self?

We all have met persons that are so full of self, always talking about how great they are, the best in job, about their master skill, always explaining to people around them – that they are so great on their “functions”. They constantly talk about their projects. In the most cases people find them annoying…

How many times you couldn’t help but wonder – do they have some serious gap in their personality that they fill with vigilance, boastfulness and with logorrheic ego attacks that no one wants to listen?  They sound so fake.

Then you evaluate those people – their integrity, actions, spirit, energy… Because, you don’t want to waste your time on fake people, for time is what life is made up of.

The Zen approach of the story about Zen teacher from Kyoto is – how to find your real “YOU” again

How to dissolve the boundaries again. How to become open again. How to get the Big picture.

A really alive man – he lives authentically

He is not trying to identify himself with the function, because he knows that he is beyond and sum of much more.

Whatever you think you are, you are more than that.

What more is there?

There is life. There is knowing your being. Our being is so great and we are forcing it into tunnels. We start feeling blocked, prevented, obstructed… Felling limited from everywhere. I have meet so many unhappy people – the thing, they have in common is their constant need for defining their roles and living in them:

I have met people that are stuck in their jobs, not feeling life or that there is anything else. Trough out the time they were not so productive and focused anymore, because life in the box didn’t get them more open perspective, new insight: They were lost, because they were living their roles and were uncapable to see or explore more – and finally that constant defining, brought them less productivity, efficiency and insights that would help them to evolve as a person and business owners or employees.

On the other side I have met so many mothers that are unhappy. Because they are identified with their roles that they have forget,that they are not only mothers, that they need to explore, search, to do so many things to fulfill so many spheres of life and that their children will be unhappy too in one moment, if their mother is not happy or fulfilled. After their children left homes, they were in shock, asking questions like: “Who am I? What do I love to do? What inspires me?”

Nobody else is responsible – it is you

The greatest people I have met, were so full of life, energy, spirit, you could listen to them for days and hours, and they were always so full of surprises, real explorers, who feel life and are the best as directors, presidents, actors, mothers, fathers, friends… Those people live their life, not even trying to live in their “functions” and to be stuck in them – you could never even guess that they are on the top of biggest organisations or companies, that they are the best designers, painters, athletes, directors… They were and are so great, but so humble. They have open perspective and greatest ideas and yet you could never guess what exactly is their “function”. They are not yelling around how great they are and the first sentence will not be “I-am-director”.


Life is so great, there is no way to finish it, so why defining it with one or two roles?

The more you enter into it, the vaster the possibilities that open their doors.

Yes, you can arrive at one peak and suddenly there is another peak, and another, it is not ending.

Just, keep on walking, exploring, searching, trying.

Person goes on being born every moment if he or she, remains OPEN to potential being and has the Big picture.

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