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Vampires New Age Sex Symbols, Archetype of Supernatural Bad Boys or just a Collective Unconscious

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Vampires as New age sex symbols, Archetype of Supernatural Bad Boys born or  Collective Unconscious by Jung, a term coined by Carl Jung, refers to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species. According to Jung, the human collective unconscious is populated by instincts and by archetypes: universal symbols such as The Great Mother, the Wise Old Man, the Shadow, the Tower, Water, the Tree of Life, and many more.

It have been important part of folklore for centuries hidden in stories, imagination, reality or in collective unconscionus archetype of supenatural bad boys? Vampire stories have been around for thousands of years, but what about the vampires as new age sex symbols?


Today vampires as new age celebrities are all around us – on movie screens, in books stores, on TV sets and billboards, in graphic novels. The vampire genre has been with us for ages, but the phenomenon of vampires as sexy bad boys and romantic heroes, started with the vampire love story written by Bram Stoker’s 1897 and transferred to the canvas through a great achievement of Francis Ford Coppola. Globally popular Coppola’s Dracula has made women around the globe go crazy for this kind of idealized love stories where monsters are actually transformed in the romantic heroes. And the new vawe and new age of planetry histeria was born.


Anne Rice’s best seller Interview with a Vampire (1976) screened several decades later. Movie “Interview with a vampire” made Brad Pitt a world-famous. Series “True Blood” created a new class of planetary – superstars vampires – hysteria. Stephanie Meyer reported 70 million copies sold of the Twilight series.

The whole planet has gone mad for vampires. The writers at the time noticed what the new modern woman needs in her escape from daily life. The writers and entertainment industry saw the trend of sucking up so many entertainment dollars from sexy vampires.

Looks like women are completely crazy about imperfect perfection of supernatural bad boys that tastes the best although somewhere behind that perfect man is a monster who feeds on blood and bites.

WHY ALL PLANET HAS GONE MAD ABOUT – Vampires New Age Sex Symbols, Archetype of Supernatural Bad Boys or just a Collective Unconscious?

  • They are handsome, charming, mysterious and full of knowledge – They are like repositories of knowledge, obtained through centuries
  • Eternal – Vampires live forever
  • Dominant and powerful
  • Fearless and elusive
  • Can love you for centuries – Vampires are sensitive, excessively emotional and sensual
  • Vampires are the archetype of bad boys
  • They have a moment – love – bite – Vampires have fangs
  • They have supernatural powers: super strength, the ability to read minds, abilities of telepathy and telekinesis, communicating, reading thoughts and moving objects with the mind, can heal quickly, move faster than the human eye can see, have very open senses.
  • Forever young. People are always in search of fountain of youth – By 2015, the global anti-aging products market will reach $291 billion*.
  • These bad boys stay up all night and sleep all day
  • One of the most intriguing aspects of the vampire mythology is their sexual appetite and their drive for lust
  • Vampires are eternal bachelors and playboys
  • They create worry and fascination in the same time – We are drawn to them much in the same way we are rejected from the idea of them as a monsters
  • People envy that ability self-reliant and autonomous
  • Vampires are fearless survivalists and dominate predators

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