Story about Una – Dream chaser: Make your own dream. Produce your own dream.

This is a special edition of Dream chasers dedicated to my best friends who decided to change their lives, to make BIG decisions in order to live their BIG dreams.

This is the story about their courage, determination, strength, showing us the importance of Believing in our dreams!


Make your own dream. Produce your own dream.You have to do it yourself.

Set no boundaries to your dreams.

Win in the game of ilusion of The Icarus Deception: Come find the courage to fly closer to the sun.

Dream big and never stop dreaming!

Reality is maybe negotiable, but dreams are not.

Do you feel you need to travel more and experience something new?

Do you feel like you are missing some part of your life?

Is your dream to escape the race and to make dramatic career change?

We can have everything, the thing is what we really choose.

Answers are all around us, the question is what are our goals and our questions that will lead us to fulfilling our dreams.

This is the story about my friend Una who decided to chase her dream and to change everything in her life.

It is never easy to make a such a big change –  to leave a life you had.

In one month she left Belgrade and moved to exotic part of Turkey.

She made a decision – to chase her dream, to feel the life, to live free, to try new things and to move thousands of kilometers.

She never waste no time – when it is up to making her dreams come true. Moving to Turkey was just a part of her dream journey.

1. Few years ago, she decided to move to the Wowest places on Earth – Peru. She lived there for two years.

2. Few years later she continued her inner journey and went to India.

3. Two years ago Una decided to change her life, to pursue her dream and to continue her journey. She moved to exotic part of Turkey.

4. She met some new friends who inspire her in a new ways.

 5. She switched European city view – with more exotic one.

5. She can’t  put smile out of her face.

6. After more then one year traveling trough almost all Turkey she decided to move to Istanbul. Her life changed in so many ways – new journey, new people, new insights, new culture, cuisine, climate, part of the world…


She has never been happier!

We see the most excellent version of Una, because she is so fulfilled.

She is living her dream of free life, of discovering, exploring THE LIFE!

She is chasing her dream! She is living it!