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Science facts: We see cosmos with delay

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Mars gives us a true picture of infinity, eight minutes later. Our eye and mind can be tricked sometimes. When you look into the sky, you see the picture of cosmos and planets with delay. When we observe the Moon and planets from the Earth’s surface, the planetary positions depends on the place of observation.

Imagine two friends. One of them lives in Los Angeles, while the other lives in Beijing. Both are looking at the Jupiter at the same time and measure accurately the Jupiter’s position. They will be surprised as the position of the Jupiter will be different. This difference is called Parallax.

The closest star, Alpha Centauri, appears to us with more than 4 years delay.

When we look at the Moon, what we really see is the Moon as it has been one second ago.

In reality we observe the Sun 8 minutes ago later.

During this period the Sun travels over the sky and covers 20 seconds of its arc.

We cannot tell where the Sun is located now, because “now” depends on our own position in the space. The Sun is separated from us not only by 1,495,000,000 kilometers, not only by 8 minutes of time; Jupiter shows his face with 40 minutes delay. The most distant object observed by space telescope Hubble is as far as 13 billion years of light traveling.

According to modern knowledge, the size of our Universe is about 15,000,000,000 light years. This is how much the Universe has increased in size from the Big Bang time. This difference of a displacement in the apparent position of a celestial object, from its true position caused by the finite light speed is called aberration.

The answer to this question is based on another question: how do the planets affect us? Do they immediately affect us or their effect is delayed?

According to the modern science, the speed of the light is the maximum speed possible in our Universe. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we live in four dimensional time-space continuum where time and space are not separated.

Source photo: Pixabay

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