In chase of recipe for long life?

When you look at the list of the oldest people alive, you will see that most of them come from Japan. It is like they know of some hidden source of youth, for centuries. Ancient Chinese legends called Okinawa “the land of the immortals”.

In the terms of healthy life style, food & eating habits, Japan is on the top of the list of longevity

Okinawa, had the highest number of long-lived people. Many things changed after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in March 2011, but when we talk in the terms of healthy life style, food and eating habits, for centuries before, Japan was on the top of the list of longevity.

Hatsue Ono was born in 1898 in Japan. Her recipe is seafood-heavy diet.

Ione Minagawa, was born 1899. Her recipe for longevity: eat a meal before going to sleep, say “thank you” to everybody.

Tomoji Tanabe, born 1901. His recipe for longevity: do not smoke and do not drink sake.

Medics and anthropologist agree on one thing about long life factor in Japan – healthy lifestyle

Unusual longevity has been attributed in part to the traditional local diet, but also to genetic inheritance, lifestyle and environmental factors. Japan also didn’t escaped globalization trends and the food of 21st century, but still people from Japan live longer than any other nation. It is because they mainly saved many of their good old habits. Medics and anthropologist agree on one thing about long life factor in Japan – healthy lifestyle. Demographers say the phenomenon is quite unique.

Check out some of the lesson we can learn from people from amazing Japan:

1. Food consist portions of cooked food and fruit

2. They eat fish a lot. Scientific studies show that fish is an incredible source of heart-strengthening, inflammation-reducing, brain-boosting, life-lengthening nutrients. Omega – 3 fatty acids help reduce blood pressure, may lower the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, dementia.

3. They eat daily seven portions of fruits and vegetables, cereals and soy products

4. Food is low in calories

5. Food contains a lot of vegetables

6.They practice spiritual activities as thai-chi, they spend a lot of time outdoors…

7. Ingredients they use are kombu, brown sugar, tofu…

8. Rice– from large quantities of rice in some parts of Japan, to smaller amounts in Okinawa are consumed

9. They take care for the elders, they are not isolated, they develop their spiritual side, take care of each other. They have positive attitude towards life

10. Longevity specialties, one of them is Turtle Suppon, or soft shell turtle, that was the favorite meal of imperial courts  and was enjoyed by emperors at the Kyoto Imperial Palace for centuries.According to archeological evidence, turtles have been eaten in Japan since at least the 1st century. Since ancient times they considered suppon to be equivalent to medicine. Therefore, even today in Japan, turtle is considered very high-quality food. The nutritional value of turtle is undisputed, today Japanese doctors recommend turtle stew for late stage cancer patients.














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