Power statement

How many times have you tried to explain something with lots of words, until your face turns green, until you go craze, how many times have you lose yourself in explanations?

How many times have you heard some people, doing the same thing, explaining something to you?

But what if, just what if – you just say: “It’s o.k.”

It’s o.k.

You should definitely  try this statement.

It solves so many things. It opens so many things.

It looks simple, but this statement when used properly, not just as sentence we have all heard of but, more than that, a statement, then it has the secret Zen effect on brain.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to bring the best and the most excellent version of yourself, to stop trying be the best, to work hard, to be devoted in ending things the best way. It’s o.k. is just a little spice in the gastronomy kitchen of your life, an little playful moment when the Zen answer is the best, and sometimes the only effective answer. Then use it and enjoy it.

It’s o.k. statement reminds me of a story. It is a story about the wise wizard who never didn’t say yes or no. He was always saying: “Sure.”

This year, when I was with my friends on sailing, there was that guy who was in charge of our accommodation. Many things didn’t work. Simply, they didn’t work. Sometimes we were angry more, sometimes less, but every time when we asked him, things like: “Please, just tell us why we don’t have this, why this thing is missing, why this thing doesn’t work, his answer was: “It’s o.k.” Then, the sea wind cried: “He will fix it, find it, make it work…Eventually.”

Later on, we tested It’s o.k. on us. And, you know what? We were amazed.  It really works. Later on, we were laughing and telling each other all the time: “It’s o.k.”

It is like Zen statement, with Zen power.

Try it. Test it.

All you just have to say –  is just simple “It’s o.k.”

That is not all.

Then you look at people faces.

First they will look kind of questioned, the second thing you will see on their face is smile.

Featured photo source: Flickr; Photo 2: CodeCanyon;