Night owls are cleverer than larks, with quicker minds and better memories

Contrary to the ‘The early bird catches the worm’, new research shows, however, that those who get up early in the morning are not the smartest and healthiest but those who are going to bed late.

Experts from the University of Madrid, Spain conducted a study of 1,000 teenagers and found that those who stay up late at night have a kind of intelligence that is associated with prestigious jobs and higher wages.Early risers  have better test results, probably because of the time of day when the tests are held, which is not time for “owls”.

The researchers studied the habits and body clocks of teenagers to determine if they like to stay up late at night and sleep longer in the morning, or prefer to experience the morning hours. During the study researchers measured the effect of the school and inductive intelligence, that is, solving problems, and reviews of the top items.

The results showed that the “owl” is better than “lark” when it comes to inductive reasoning, which indicates: general intelligence and is the strong indicator of academic success. They were also shown to be better in the conceptual and analytical thought. These skills are associated with innovative thinking, more prestigious professions and make more money. Experts say that the night people are more extroverted, creative people, poets, artists and inventors.

Night owls have been shown to be cleverer than larks, with quicker minds and better memories.

Famous night owls include president Obama, Elvis Presley, Charles Darwin, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, who regularly went to bed at 4am and rose late. Due to his sleeping patterns, he often hosted War Cabinet meetings in his bath.

It is thought that the division into larks and owls has its roots in evolution, with early risers in the Stone Age taking the initiative in food gathering, while owls stood guard late into the night. Famous “lark”: Thomas Edison, Napoleon, Ernest Hemingway…

Source: Daily Mail; Photo:Artwork by Maja