WoW bussines insight: “Never be afraid to charge for value”

How many times in the past happened to you that during the negotiations you have the problem to tell the actual price of your engagement, to charge your engagement adequate, to make a ​​a compromise in financial terms and charge less?

Check out Jason Calacanis insights and inspirational advice’s  about how to charge your value, advice’s about career, business problems, from how to monetize to which project to pursue.

Check out 00:35min:27sec of the video were Jason gives inspirational advice about how to charge for value.

Here are some insights from the video:

The passion project needs to become project you work on all time.

If you are providing incredible value never be afraid to charge for it.

They want to see you making product better.

Never be afraid to charge for value.

Poor thinking mentality is self defeating.

Check out also, why it is better to have one good client rather then a few and why it is important to focus on the people who can afford your service ant not on the people who can’t.