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Neutron Stars Cosmic Dance



Neutron stars whirl toward their demise in this animation.

Gravitational waves (pale arcs) bleed away orbital energy, causing the stars to move closer together and merge.

As the stars collide, some of the debris blasts away in particle jets moving at nearly the speed of light, producing a brief burst of gamma rays (magenta).

In addition to the ultra-fast jets powering the gamma-rays, the merger also generates slower moving debris. An outflow driven by accretion onto the merger remnant emits rapidly fading ultraviolet light (violet).

A dense cloud of hot debris stripped from the neutron stars just before the collision produces visible and infrared light (blue-white through red).

This animation represents phenomena observed up to nine days after GW170817.


Video Source: You Tube

Photo Source: CNN

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Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab

Music: “Exploding Skies” from Killer Tracks This video is public domain and may be downloaded from NASA Goddard’s Scientific

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