Happy Birthday to the WoW chaser Andy Warhol

I have always imagined how would be like to spend one day in Warhol’s New York City “Factory.” But, for that dream come true I would have to travel trough time and go to the seventies.

One of the most influential personalities of all times, real WoW chaser, who rocked seventies and is credited as father of Pop Art.

Warhol was real new concept chaser, who chased commercial art and fame. He was fascinated with celebrities, and left us real WoW sentence: “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”

He used method of “visual creativity, one based on references to advertising, common objects, consumerism, as well as mass popularity and availability.”

He left us real art legacy like:portraits of Coca-Cola bottles, Campbell’s soup cans and Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe…

Check out this rare interview


Photo Source: http://bit.ly/RPnmBz

Video Source:http://bit.ly/MWW9P5