What is happening with Amazon rainforest – one of the Wowest places on Earth?

The Amazon? Nobody can truly understand what it is without spending months or years immersed in it, to see the forest and witness the destruction. Spectacular and heartrending at the same time, it is the focus of great controversy that affects the world. The Amazon comprises over 50% of the world’s tropical forests, and even without the 20% that has already been destroyed, it still produces about one-fifth of the world’s oxygen.

Reuters photographer Nacho Doce: “I haven’t even mentioned the native Amazon peoples because the ecological problem goes beyond what is happening to them, such as assassinations, the loss of their ancestral lands, and the displacement of entire tribes.”

Reuters photographer Nacho Doce: “It took us five trips spread over the past year to achieve a better understanding, but what I have recorded is just a brief moment in this immensity of rainforest and deforested land, with the forces working to annihilate what’s left.”

Reuters photographer Nacho Doce: “When flying over the Amazon forest my impression was of a beautiful immensity, even though I knew that below the treetop canopy, loggers were sawing away. My sight was absorbed by the green vastness.”

I hiked with Rodrigo several miles through the forest, one of my greatest experiences ever, listening to birds singing, breathing in that rich air, and looking at the trees that were so tall they blocked out the sky. They were so grand that the sight of them chopped down pained me in a way I can’t describe.

Source/Credits: Reuters;  Nacho Doce;