Wow dream chaser: Follow your dreams and passions – it can change your life

Few decades ago, Bill Cunningham has decided to follow his dream and passion.

Today he is 81 years old and still living his passion.

In the fashion world he is called real fashion guru.

He is inconspicuously dressed, in a blue jacket, but always ready with camera.

His photographs made him popular world wide.

His passion for photographing is so strong,

that he goes every day on the street, no matter if it is snowing or raining.

He refuses to miss even one day in recording the street fashion.

He believes that the the place where real fashion is happening is on the street.

Looks like all prestigious daily newspapers agree with him.

He is the author of two columns, Evening hours and On the street.

His work is amazing chronic of trends, courage and fashion innovations.

His sharp fashion eye, catches only the people who have fashion awareness,

and who are authentic and creative.










He thinks of every fashion show as successfull only if the models later appear on the street.

Bill Cunningham has decided to go to the world of fashion photography after war.

He was on the streets of New York,

taking photographs for Chicago Tribune.

He decided to follow his passion,

and that passion led him to the one of the most important moments in his career,

when he saw amazing dressed lady, with perfectly tailored coat.

Later, it turned out that the lady was Greta Garbo.

That moment, and that photo shoot,  changed Bill’s life and helped him to

turn his greatest passion into his profession.

“We All Get Dressed For Bill Cunningham”

Anna Wintour, Vogue


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