How dream concept can inspire an famous dreamer

Check out how dream concept can inspire an famous dreamer.

We may like Avatar, or we may not.

But the fact is that this movie has crossed the $1 billion mark on the 19th day of its international release, making it the first film to reach this mark in only 19 days.

On January 31, it became the first film to earn over $2 billion worldwide, and it became the first film to gross over $700 million in North America, on February 27, after 72 days of release.

Check out how dreams helped in creation of concept of Avatar, one of the most watched films.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this film and maybe why it’s connected to people so much, and I’ve kind of realized that what I was trying to do was create dream imagery, create a lucid dream state while you’re watching the film.

I think that most people dream of flying at some point and when we’re kids we dream of flying and I certainly did, and still have a lot of flying dreams and I thought that if I can connect to an audience, to a kind of collective unconscious in almost the Jungian sense, then it bypasses all the politics and all the bullshit, and all the culturally specific stuff and all the language specific stuff around the world and connects us all to that kind of childhood, dreamlike state when the world was magical and infinite and scary and cool and you could soar. So that was the concept behind these scenes. And for me, personally, this was the part of the movie that I like the best, that I can watch over and over again.” James Cameron




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