Exploring Mysterious Abandoned Castles

Shandon House is a striking example 19th century Scottish Baronial architecture. Built for William Jamieson in 1849 and set in 31 acres above Gare Loch, the location is now dominated by the Faslane Naval Base.
the ruins talisay philippines Skeleton of Abandoned Mansion in The Philippines
Known as “The Ruins”, this structure in the Philippines is the skeletal remains of the home of young sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson. Located in Talisay City, the grand house was reportedly set alight by US forces during World War Two in a bid to prevent the Japanese using it as a headquarters. Dating to the 1900s and beautifully preserved as a tourist attraction, the completely see-through is one of the most wonderful and compelling abandoned mansions in the world.
chateau de noisy 2 Abandoned Chateau de Noisy, Belgium
Chateau de Noisy in Belgium was originally named Chateau Miranda and completed in 1866. Designed by an English architect, the striking property was reportedly occupied by the Nazis during World War Two and became an orphanage in later years before being completely abandoned in 1991.

sutton scarsdale hall abandoned mansion Abandoned Magnificence: Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Sutton Scarsdale Hall may be a shadow of its former self, but its impressive ruins leave no doubt that it was once one of the finest stately homes in northern England. Located in Derbyshire, the abandoned mansion was commissioned in 1724 and owned by the Arkwright family for almost 100 years.  The ruin of Sutton Scarsdale is now managed by English Heritage, while some of its treasures have now found their way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
ruperra castle Ruperra Castle: Abandoned Mansion in Wales
Rupera Castle – Built in 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, the Grade II listed Rupera Castle in Lower Machen, Wales, has suffered two fires during its time and famously hosted King Charles I for two nights after the Battle of Naseby in 1645. Rebuilt after the first fire in 1785, the abandoned mansion – which was the first “mock castle” in Wales – remained in Morgan hands until around 1935, when the family fortune declined. Used by the British  Army during World War Two, Ruperra Castle was again gutted by fire in 1941 and has remained a decaying shell ever since. The building was put up for sale for £1.5 million in 2010.
abandoned mansion france1 Abandoned Mansion in Auvergne, France
This abandoned mansion in the Auvergne region of France, with decorative turrets above and to either side of the main door, was once clearly the grand country seat of a prosperous family. While the front door remains open for urban explorers and the outer shell appears to be intact, the central upstairs window appears to reveal a gaping hole in the roof, reflecting the fate of so many grand properties left to the elements.
tyrone house galway Abandoned Tyrone House, County Galway, Ireland
Tyrone House – One of several impressive abandoned castles in Ireland, Tyrone House has a dark history. Built in 1779, the house was used by the Black and Tans during the Irish War of Independence before being destroyed by the IRA. Situated in a commanding position overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Tyrone House was originally owned by Christopher St. George and was acquired by the Georgian Society in 1972.
callert house scotland Abandoned Callert House, Loch Leven, Scotland
Callert House, an abandoned Georgian Mansion on the shores of Loch Leven in Scotland, has been unoccupied since the 1940s. Built for Sir Duncan Cameron of Fassifern in the 1830s to replace a previous structure that burned down, the house stands completely derelict.
mansion abandoned house Spectacular Abandoned Mansion in Portugal
Located in Portugal, this abandoned mansion, with elegant stone steps leading to the front door, is architecturally striking and was clearly once the home of an affluent family.
abandoned mansion urbex Abandoned Colonial Mansion of the New World
This beautiful abandoned mansion is one of many grand houses that were built during the 19th and early 20th centuries by European settlers emigrating to the old Spanish and Portuguese colonies of the New World. This building was renovated extensively around 12 years ago by a family from Mexico, but due to a death in the family the properly was never inhabited thereafter and has since fallen into decay. Despite this, the grand staircase and many internal fittings remain intact.
abandoned mansion bangladesh Abandoned Mansion in Bangladesh, South Asia
This abandoned mansion, ornate and decrepit, is typical of the buildings in Panam Nagar, a once-affluent part of Sonargaon in Bangladesh. Sonargaon was the capital of Bengal during the 16th Century and later came under British rule. During the 19th Century, wealthy Hindu cloth merchants constructed colonial-style homes inspired by European architecture.
abandoned mansion taiwan Abandoned Mansion in Taichung, Taiwan
This grand abandoned mansion, built in the Baroque style, is located in Taiwan. The former residence of a well known poet, the house has fallen into abandonment but remains in good condition – at least externally, despite some out-of-control foliage to the right of its facade.
Wyndcliffe abandoned mansion Wyndcliffe: Derelict Mansion, Rhinebeck, New York
Wyndcliffe, in the town of Rhinebeck, New York, was one of many fine houses during the 19th Century. Built in 1853 for Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones – a relative by marriage of the Astor family – the mansion allegedly inspired the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses”. Later owned by Andrew Finck, a New York beer baron, Wyndcliffe was abandoned some time after 1950 and remains an imposing site, although the structure has finally started to collapse.
abandoned mansion durrow Abandoned Mansion in Durrow, Éire
The past grandeur of this abandoned mansion near Durrow is clear despite the fact that it’s been reduced to little more than a gutted shell. With its roof missing and chimneys, restoring the structure would prove a monumental undertaking. One of many large derelict houses in Ireland, the abandoned building is a historic reminder of a different time.
abandoned Villa de Vecchi ghost mansion Abandoned Villa de Vecchi (The Ghost Mansion)
Villa de Vecchi – Located in the mountains east of Lake Como in Italy, this wonderful abandoned Baroque mansion is known locally as “Villa de Vecchi”, or the Ghost Mansion. The building has been derelict for years, was the scene of a murder or suicide. While an effort is underway to save and restore the abandoned mansion, it’s future remains uncertain.

Exploring Mysterious Abandoned Mansions

Cambusnethan Priory, Scotland Built in 1820 for the Lockhart family of Castlehill, Cambusnethan Priory is one of the few remaining examples of gothic revival architecture in Scotland.  The house was converted into a hotel in 1980, but this change of use was short-lived.  The hotel closed in 1984.

abandoned mansions shandon house

George Rankin / CC BY-SA 2.0

Shandon House, Scotland – Remaining in bonnie Scotland, example of Scottish Baronial architecture.  The pointed towers are distinctive of 19th century Scottish revival, and you get the impression the Wicked Witch of the West may have rented this place had she ever decided to visit chilly Caledonia. House was built for William Jamieson in 1849 and is set in 31 acres overlooking Gare Loch.