Dreams and imagination the places were ideas are born







Everything we see around us, once was imagined in someone’s dreaming mind.

Carl Gustav Jung, once said, that all the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy.

Dreams and imagination are the places were ideas are born.

We build our dreams thanks to imagination.
Imagination helps us to express our ideas, to express of the unconscious(the things we dream about) and to put aside our criticism that is conscious.

Check out this amazing Jason Silva insight about imagination:

Jason Silva idea of radical openness really amazed me.
It is openness to the universe of possibilities,to  ideas, imagination, to creation of virtual model in our heads, free flow of the ideas…
He finishes his presentation with one big „Wow“.
After I have finished watching and listening this video I also said “WoW”.
Check out why:


Video 2/Source: http://bit.ly/LsSnI0

Video 1/Source: http://bit.ly/A4puhc

Photo/Source: http://vimeo.com/38260970