How pursuing dreams can change the course of history

Check out how pursuing dreams can change the course of the history

Can you imagine how was like to tell someone in beginning of the 20th century that you are working on your dream to make the first machine that will fly in the sky?

How many times in your life happened that you have some dream idea and that people simply do not understand it, do not believe in your dream come true, do not give you the support or even judge you?

From how many dreams have you gave up because of these reasons?

From how many dreams have you gave up because of other people?

Only one reason is enough sometimes.

How about this list of obstacles:

– You are making first project of the kind ever

– Your patent is rejected for many times

– Conventional scientist do not believe in your project(in this case do not believe that “man could fly”)

– Even the idea of your project is rejected

– You are living with the etiquette of a „just a dreamer“

– At the same time you are working with the same strength and belief on the construction of your project and on the defending of your idea, proving it is not just another dream

– At the end you are writing petition to the president and government to show your dream can come true(After that point, finally they were able to continue with the realization of thier dream)

That all happened to the The Wright brothers. They have gone a long way from the dreamers to the established science inventors.

Can you imagine how people back in 1900, perceived man who was talking about his dream in which he will make metal machine that will fly the sky and will be driven by human?


Without these flying machines we can hardly imagine our lives today.

That flying machine happened thanks to the power of a dream, hard dedicated working and for certain has changed courses in development of technology and human society in general.

That machine was made from the dream in which almost no one didn’t believe.

People of that time did not believe the greatest inventors and dreamers who designed the world’s first successful airplane. Thanks to their dream faith they created a historic moment known as the Birth of the aviation era.

What do you think – how many of your gave up dreams could and can make a new breakthrough and become the new next big thing?

That’s why DREAM BIG.

Because, your dream can be the place where new discoveries of all kinds may be born.