“Dreamer who made a dramatic change to chase her dreams”

What are you prepared to do for your dream come true? Would you sold your belongings, left your job? Teresa Carey has done all of those things. In one week she went from dreaming to doing.
This brave dreamer made a dramatic change to chase her dreams. She moved aboard a sailboat Daphne,that she named after her grandma. She has sailed for two years. Her voyage would be solo, if she didn’t took her cat with her.

Goals of this adventure-seeker were to feel the challenge, to explore, to live simple and to reduce her environmental impact. She named her blog „Sailing Simplicity- the Pursuit of Happiness“ which inspired many dreamers.

[box] „Is it true that you always return to the place which you started?I’ve heard that said before and seldom thought twice about it. I’ve always looked ahead. Onward and upward. But sometimes, the place you started still holds that initial spark that set things in motion. Its the place that fosters that spirit of curiosity, or indoctrinates passion for a lifestyle, or schools you in the skills required to move ahead. Sometimes its important to return there to get these very same things that compelled us to move forward in the first place.“[/box]

On the long biography list as a US Coast Guard licensed captain, owner of BS in Environmental Science and a Master of Arts, this writer, dancer, educator, raw foodist wrote in her dream come true list- two years of sailing.

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