Dream of crossing over Niagara Falls walking on a thin wire

When we open our mind, there are no impossibilities.

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Nik Wallenda, had a dream to make a historic tightrope crossing over roaring Niagara Falls, walking on a thin wire and stepping onto safe ground in Canada.

He made his dream come true!

Wallenda walked the wire with perfect balance.

“Hopefully it will be very peaceful and relaxing,” Wallenda said before. “I’m often very relaxed when I’m on the wire. There may be some tears because this is a dream of mine.”


It took two-year crusade to convince U.S. and Canadian officials to let him try the feat. A private helicopter rescue team was part of the $1.3 million that Wallenda said he had spent on the walk.

Wallenda, a member of the “Flying Wallendas” family of aerialists, took a little more than 25 minutes to walk 1,800 feet from the U.S. side.

Arriving on the Canadian side, he hugged his family and greeted Canadian officials, who requested the 33-year- old American’s passport. Asked the purpose of his visit, Wallenda told the officials he had come to “inspire people.”

More than 150 years ago, French aerialist Charles Blondin, known as “The Great Blondin,”  walked a high wire strung farther down the Niagara gorge, but a trek over the brink of the falls had never before been attempted.

Wallenda appeared fully in control through the stunt, taking small, steady steps on a slick cable through swirling winds.

“Oh my gosh it’s an unbelievable view,” he said as he crossed over the falls. “This is truly breathtaking.”

ABC, the television network broadcast the event.

Wallenda’s great-grandfather Karl Wallenda died in 1978 during a walk between two buildings in Puerto Rico at age 73. Wallenda repeated that walk last year with his mother.

Wallenda said he would next prepare for a walk over the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which would be the first ever attempted and roughly three times longer than the walk over Niagara Falls.

Note, source, text: www.reuters.com Photo:http://on-msn.com/136koD3