Digital era as new Orwell’s novel: Analog phone vs. Digital?

Is privacy overrated?

Analog phone vs. Digital?

Digital era as new Orwell’s novel?

Check out Malte Spitz’s TED Talk On Mobile Phone Privacy

In the summer of 2006, the EU commission tabled a directive on mandatory data retention, saying that phone companies should store at least six months and up to two years of data on their users. People were horrified. Lawyers, journalists, priests, all sorts of people argued for “freedom, not fear.”

Initially, Spitz was skeptical. How much information could the phone company really store anyway? So he asked Deutsche Telekom to give him the information. They promptly stalled. He asked again. They stalled some more. So he sued them. After some time, they settled, and the phone company sent him a brown envelope containing six months of his life in the form of 35,830 lines of code.

Note, text source: TED, Video