Delivering Happiness

“Wow, amazing philosophy”

was my first impression,

when I heard about the movement “Delivering happiness”

They have a higher purpose.

They belive in vision and their goal is to inspire.

They connect like-minded people,

to create more happines trough education and empowering people

and at the end to create experiences in our lives that are meaningful.

DH movement started with the Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness”

– bestselling book where he wrote about business, deals, advices

and his belief that happiness can be used as a model in business and in life.

The book had great respond from the people to make a change, towards happiness.

Check out this valuable and amazing interview made in the period before Tony Hsieh release of the book “Delivering Happiness”. He gives us a preview and his advice on how to start a business and create a culture for company with a higher goal than just business


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