In Chase for Scary Cupcake Ideas?

Halloween, time to get creative and spooky, check out some of the Halloween cupcake ideas:

1. Create a bewitching Halloween dessert!

Witch Halloween cupcakes are a great way to incorporate a classic Halloween symbol into your baking. Decorate the tops of your cupcakes with green icing and add small pieces of candy to create a witch face cupcake, or top them with witch hats made of fondant frosting.

Witch cupcakes, Halloween witch cupcakes

2. Bones

Marshmallows stuck on the ends of a pretzel dipped in white chocolate (but no one needs to know that until they bite into one)

Bowl of Bones Recipe

3. Tomb Stones

Cups filled with chocolatey goodness.

4.Zombie Cupcakes

Halloween Party Marshmallow Pops

5. Skeleton Cupcakes

zombie cupcakes diy

6. “Ding Dong the witch is dead”

via Sweet Simple Stuff

Witch is dead Cupcakes

7. Mummies


8. Ghosts

Ghost Cupcake

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