What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Why Amygdale is alarmed with “False Evidence Appearing Real” in some life situations, when there is no need to fear? Especially, because we remind ourselves, so many times about statistic that only 3 percent of 100 percent of our fears really do happen.

Fear place in our brain – Amygdale

But, what about those three percent? Did that three percent sometimes totally screw up our lives or some decisions- making- processes? That special Fear place in our brain is called Amygdale. Amygdale is credited for fear and it doesn’t matter whether you have experienced trauma or you have just learn that emotional state, observing fear in others.

On the one side we have fears from clowns, flying, bugs, driving, nuclear wars and so on. But, what about fear of the unknown, intimacy, death, failure? So called metaphysics fears. New challenge involves risk and that risk can be source of fear. We learn how to fear and accept fear as part of our nature.

Some fears are developed in our evolutionary past as a way of adaptation

If we reach into an evolutionary psychology perspective, then we have to answer some questions: Did you know that some of our fears were developed in our evolutionary past as a way of adaptation?

For example, fear of heights, we inherited from mammals and that fear was developed during the Mesozoic period. Fear of snakes was inherited during the Cenozoic time period. Some people are scared of snakes and they even didn’t had a chance to see them, except in the Zoo.
In metaphysics terms, we are afraid of change, even if we never saw really what will happen, except in the mental Zoo of our mind, where wild beast called Fear wants to bite us.

But, what about the fear of mice?

Fear of mice comes from Paleolithic and Neolithic time period. The answer why our life and making – decision – moment suffers in 21st century is because, our ancestor, so called early human, who felt the smell of fear and danger, were more likely to survive and reproduce in process of natural selection.

What do we have in 21st century from our early human ancestor fear of mice? We have survived, we have evolved and we are living our upgrade versions in 21st century, but isn’t our upgraded version really questioned when we still sometimes have the urge for running away from some situations although we are in the middle of town, and we know that lion or some kind of exotic animals is not even nearby.

How many times you have heard sentences: „Please, don’t panic?“ „I see you are little bit anxious?“

What these words really mean?

Panic – When one is reminded of a certain thing that reminds them of fear and is experiencing an alarm response. Please don’t remind me of my fear. Because, even reminder can shake my amygdale.

Anxiety  – known as future-oriented fear, because we’re unsure about what’s going to happen and we cannot control it.

What comes after panic and anxiety, well it is a long list: muscle tension, dilating blood vessels, accelerating heart rate… And it all comes only because, we had that future oriented vision of fear or because something reminded our amygdale?

Fight or flight primitive mechanism

Have you ever heard about “Fight or flight”, primitive mechanism that causes psychological changes in body, like urge to run or fight back. Did you know that real fearless people do exist? That phenomenon is called – The absence of fear. It is nicknamed Battle trance.

Communities happened because of fear

Did you know that one of the reasons communities happened is because of fear and that fear forced us to unite? Why? Of course, to share our fear together. Some may say, common interest of early human.

One more thing about Amygdale

Did you know that rat can be fearless in the mouth of the cat and die as a hero,only if their Amygdale is infected with pathogens, toxoplasmosis parasite. Then they become less fearful of cats. They become so fearless, that they seek for trouble. At the end in the most of the cases, they are eaten. The parasite then reproduces within the body of the cat. I can’t imagine what an fearless cat can do to the dog. The question is – when will fear stop?

Really ask yourself:

Which one of all my fears really happened?

Try to count that in percents.

What am I truly afraid of and why?

Which fear holds me back from having what I truly want in life?

Why am I afraid to move forward?

Conquer your fears and mute that early human ancestor voice.
Believe in upgraded fearless version of yourself.

Make your dreams come true, live your life and of course if you really, really see lion. RUN.

Or embrace your fear and conquer it?

That is also an option.










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