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Curiosity-seeking system needs variety of mind food délicatesse: Dreams, Art, Challenge, Change, Discovery, Life, Ideas…Especially if you are always wondering Aquarius, such as myself…

Digital Storyteling services provide creative, unique and cost effective stories 
Thank you for visiting Wowchasers – made to share an inspirational story, among all to make your story be heard, inspirational, memorable, unique and WOW!
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My digital services provide creative, unique and cost effective storytelling tailored to perfectly match your story or brand heart beating and to make your brand alive throughout the power of storytelling.
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My previous brand storytelling professional experience include
I am a passionate PR, digital and corporate communications practitioner with 10+ years of experience in the PR and media sectors in Southeast Europe and the Middle East.
Throughout my career, I have led a number of successful communication and social media campaigns for biggest international brands such as PMG, P. World, Jeep, Coca-Cola and Japan Tobacco International that have helped these world class brands reach and engage with their local audiences on a creative, meaningful and impactful level.
If you would like to share your impressions

If you would like to share your impressions, write me jovanaban@gmail.com or check out www.jovanabanovic.com;

Aren’t we all “Wow” impression life chasers?

Once upon a time, in the cave age, we used to hunt, to satisfy the physical needs for food and survival. Today, it had all become a lot more complicated. Today we have everything, but we still struggle to survive, we have everything to live, but do we have the soul food to feel alive, to really feel THE LIFE? Today, we are 21st century warriors.

If we do not chase life and its “Wow” moments, sometimes we miss on everything: challenges, change, discovery, ideas, DREAMS.

Surely, it’s happened to you many times before, that when you see the inspirational idea, or the story the first thing you say loud is: “Wow, that’s it!”

On the following pages, I will share the things that are inspiring for me and gave me my first “WOW that’s it” reaction!

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