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Tribute to my favorite artist ICONS, Bowie and Depp!

I grew up with the music that has the soul and the heart!


Sometimes, I am thinking, my soul, the heart and the mind are bitting in the Jazz rhythm.

The music shapes your heart, soul, and the mind!

it is like Oxygen.

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The wisdom is growing inside only in the souls of the people that have the wisdom to feel the soul of the music.

The heart always beats  in the perfect harmony of the memory, of the moments, glimps of the Time and the Universe, when music made us,


so happy and fullfiled!

The music goes more deeper, as always!

Nina Simone, Ella, Eta, Louis, Cotton Club, to name a few firestarters of the Golden Age, and what can bring an soul back to life!

Then, after Jazz Vintage Golden Age Epoha!

Of course, if you look at the life as the chapters,

David Bowie!

Regarding Bowie. The only so deep human being and soul that could really bring Bowies music – is Depp!

Depp has been so perfectly not just presenting, but feeling like every word, soul, energy, heart, wisdom and storytelling of my favorite artist Bowie!

Surprising, best, artistic – bohemian – Depp – punk – Bowie!

What an perfect, not just an interpretation,

but the feeling, knowing, souling,

and with the cigar on the scene, and like perfect rebel haircut! Wow!


Source: You Tube