“Dreamer in the pink boat who sailed round the world”

Wow, this dreamer really made her dream come true.

Jessica Watson decided at one point,  to sail round the world.
In her pink boat she started sail in 2009 from the harbor in Sydney.
Jessica Watson is one of the youngest person to sail right round the world.
Sometimes we need a lifetime to begin to live our dreams.
It is fascinating, that she has realized her dream with only 17 years.
Seven-month journey in 2010th, made this girl ​​a true hero who showed,
first to herself, then to the world that it is possible to live your dreams.
She has sailed round the world in 30 feet yachts without assistance,
travel without a pause and crossed 23 thousand nautical miles.
A major challenge for this dreamer who lived her dream,
was to sail without assistance,
which meant that no one would help her with repairs,
that she will not receive any kind of help, food or equipment.
It amazes me that every dream and the dreamer is almost always,
accompanied by fear and disbelief of others.
I think this is one of the factors that prevent some people,
to realize and begin to live their dreams.
However, this was not the case with Jessica.
She was brave, fearless and determined, as all real dreamers are,
although there was a lot other people fear and questions such as,
whether she is experienced enough to go on this journey,
whether a young person this much should be allowed to travel.
Some was greeted with doubt. Others wished her safe return and happy time.
This dreamer has written on her list of achieved dreams: 23 thousand nautical miles,
new experience and incredible sights such the excitement of spotting a blue vhale,
amazing sunrises over glassy seas,
shooting star racing across the night sky above her boat.
On the occasion of her journey, she said that it’s all abit much but absolutely amazing.
And, yes, she has returned safe and more stronger,
and she has shown to the whole world that is possible to live your dreams
and that nothing can’t stop the real dreamer.
Check out this video from her sailing diary:

uploaded from link   on Feb 21, 2010

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