„There are no small roles, only small players“

Last night while I was opening my “Wow chasers” blog, there was one of the rare astronomical phenomenon, that will happen again only for 105,5 years – the transit of Venus across the Sun.

This rare phenomenon in human history so far, has seen only six times,1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and in 2004.Historical significance of the transit of Venus is great.

Once upon a time, thanks to this transit, people were able to calculate the distance Sun – Earth,and just at the time of transit, they organized numerous expeditions worldwide. I just started last night with mine expedition „Wow chaser“. Although astronomers say, it is not an unusual appearance, I am glad that such a great and rare cosmic event happened, just on the eve of the opening of my blog.

Although last night, Venus was a major star at the astro stage, seen only in the form of a small black disk, which travels slowly moving to the left part of the Sun. It was maybe small, but significant role in last night astro performance. It reminded me of the sentence of one great actor who told me once:

„There are no small roles, only small players.“

This was last Venera transit in the 21 century. We are witnessing the last time a true celestial spectacle. Last night, planet called Venus by Roman goddess of spring, awaken nature and later, the goddess of love and beauty closed the first act, which was started back in March when Venus and Jupiter, joined the moon. We saw the conjunctions of planets, which allowed to the all astro lovers to watch the planet shine, next to each other and stand in a vertical line on the horizon. Check out this amazing photos.




[learn_more caption=”Source: Flickr Group NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge”] Source: Flickr Group NASA Venus Transit Observing Challenge The link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/venustransit/pool/with/7159560223/#photo_7159560223 Photo in the text: Link: http://bit.ly/LRhELu[/learn_more]